First Missionary Baptist Church


How should I dress when I visit?

    We want you to feel comfortable at First Missionary Baptist Church. Many at FMBC wear jeans and T-shirt but others dress semi-casual. 
What is expected on the first visit?
   We look forward to you being our guest for the day but look forward to seeing you as part of our church family. We only ask that you place the      guest card into the offering plate, as we would like to contact you later to let you know how much we appreciated your visit. 
What are the messages like?
   We believe that the Bible should be clearly and strongly proclaimed but also easily applied into our daily lives. 
What is Sunday morning worship music like?
    We believe music is part of worshipping God and we offer a balance between traditional and more contemporary music styles to meet the needs     and desires of each person that attends, as well as our guest. 
What time are the services and classes?
    Sunday morning Bible Study (for all ages) is at 9:00 AM and Sunday Morning Worship is at 10:00 AM (Nursery and Children's church                   provided during AM service). We have Sunday Night Bible Study at 6:00 PM.